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Hi, I'm Viet Nam. Welcome to Vietnam!

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Travel to Vietnam, step on the eye is the green cane stretches to the eye. Shrimp here is grown year-round, because there are chives, noodles. Enamel along the shore, where there is a garden chives are blooming white flowers. It is necessary to remove the seedlings of these beds in order to breed for the next season. Growing all year round, green is cut to bring the market or give people to buy wholesale. Cut and then water, usually 5 to 8 times the shallow tree. At that time new spit, scrape soil, spread straw, and sow new seeds. A new shallow season begins.

Green chives hermaphroditic leaves, there are places where the head and then the leaves are white speckled, then the shallot has buds. Depending on the purpose of the harvest, tourists with Vietnam visa on arrival will cut at the young leaves, no cotton buds, or cut at the bud and selected, separate. Tofu fried to sauté, cooked soup, the shallot leaves have a lot of uses. In the past, Hiep Thanh region specialized in shallot. But now alternating with other vegetables like tomatoes, vegetables, and vegetables. New season is also turnip season, sold to the home made pickles.

The green field is a one color, alternating with the familiar houses of the West River. The field of white ramie flowers shakes in the wind sometimes there are cotton can not stand the wind fall to the ground. Standing in the middle of the space makes us feel like we are excited about walking in the fields of flowers, buckwheat. Speaking of chives, it is impossible not to mention the dishes from the shallots, which are most typical of steamed cakes, fried shallots. The cake with a thin crust of blue rosette leaves from the shallow leaves inside you do not wait but want to bite a play to feel the special flavor alternating aroma wind wind, folk, familiar as the mother's dish.

Source: Du Lich

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